Fall 1970

Ok if you’ve not been living under a rock you’ll know that 70s style is making a huge come back! I see it everywhere now. Good thing, though, because I am deft feeling it.

I saw this cord skirt at express a month or two ago and I had to have it. I deft struggled forever though when I bought it because I couldn’t decide if I wanted it to fit tighter or looser and I’m glad I went for the tighter fit. I’ve learned my lesson from purchases in the past in which they stretch out and then I never wear it again. Ok I searched for my exact skirt but could not find it since I got it at the express outlet, but here is a similar one! It’s a hot item I suppose because I found a ton of these skirts in all different colors!

I’m surprised I even own this turtle neck bodysuit. Never really been a fan of turtle necks but I down for it now. The only reason I have on short sleeves with this is because it was randomly 80 degrees this day so I would actually prefer it with a long sleeve top like this.

{these boots were made for walkin!….but not v far}

My shoes (similar) are a year or two old but I swear I’ll never stop wearing them because they have glitter on the heel! 😁 can’t stop won’t stop with the glitter 🤷🏼‍♀️

What’s your fave fall trend this season?



Rainbow bright

Rainbow pastels seem to be the thing this fall. I’ve been dying to share this one with ya. This lil diddy right here was an impulse buy but I think it was 100% worth it. I also want to get the cardigan version I’ve seen going around in several boutiques. This sweater is actually a crop top 🙂 Now bc it’s a crop top and I’m like not actually Brittany spears and have perfect abs I’m wearing it with some high rise jeans. I’m totally down for this trend too.

Can’t you tell? So many heart eyes. 😝😍

While I think this outfit would look cute with white converse or tennis shoes, I thought it was time to break out the white ankle boots. 🙂

I’m so here for these boots. You’ll be seeing these a lot more. 😘

kbye, Holly