Fall 1970

Ok if you’ve not been living under a rock you’ll know that 70s style is making a huge come back! I see it everywhere now. Good thing, though, because I am deft feeling it.

I saw this cord skirt at express a month or two ago and I had to have it. I deft struggled forever though when I bought it because I couldn’t decide if I wanted it to fit tighter or looser and I’m glad I went for the tighter fit. I’ve learned my lesson from purchases in the past in which they stretch out and then I never wear it again. Ok I searched for my exact skirt but could not find it since I got it at the express outlet, but here is a similar one! It’s a hot item I suppose because I found a ton of these skirts in all different colors!

I’m surprised I even own this turtle neck bodysuit. Never really been a fan of turtle necks but I down for it now. The only reason I have on short sleeves with this is because it was randomly 80 degrees this day so I would actually prefer it with a long sleeve top like this.

{these boots were made for walkin!….but not v far}

My shoes (similar) are a year or two old but I swear I’ll never stop wearing them because they have glitter on the heel! 😁 can’t stop won’t stop with the glitter πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

What’s your fave fall trend this season?



{jump}suit for joy

Lately I’ve been looking for ways to bring more joy to my life. Like for example, I have a lil bit of a commute to work. I now take that time to listen to podcasts and audio books to learn new things when before I would just listen to npr. And while I like hearing the news, I just needed a news detox. The world can be so negative.

I also used to spend a lot of time on social media just looking at things and wasting my time. But this summer I decided to be more of a participant and started this blog and made an insta that was public so I could start interacting with people who enjoy clothes as much as I do.

Lastly, I stopped taking myself so seriously at work. Like, our job as teachers can be tough at times but I’m making it a point to really find the joy in everyday and focus more on connecting with the students than being so entrenched in data. Like seriously, these are little humans we’re dealing with. Not scores on assessments! I really get so much enjoyment watching them grow in character as much as academics.

Ok now about this outfit. I cannot tell you how comfortable this jumpsuit is. The outside is velvet. And it’s stretchy, too! I really took a chance on this because I NEVER wear yellow. But, it’s time to branch out.

Ok for some reason this outfit made me want to do this pose. Maybe to show you how stretchy it is?! Haha. πŸ™ƒ I feel like this would look cute with flats as well but for the pics these heels won out.

I hope you can start finding joy in the everyday grind of your life, too.


So, like, let’s travel?

Haven’t posted in a hot min. I planned to create new content this weekend. But I spent the majority of my Saturday planning my outfits for my next weekend for a lil festie and then Sunday I had brunch with a good friend & dragged my boo to the pool. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking & as I get older I’m looking to gain more out of my life. Namely I want to gain more experiences & less material stuff. Because of this I decided this week I would travel more and I already had two upcoming opportunities to do this but I just couldn’t bring myself to commit. But today that changed! So, I’m planning a trip to Pittsburgh over my Thanksgiving break and *super importantly* FINALLY going to red rocks in Colorado at the end of September! I couldn’t be more excited! Gonna get a lil funky with my buddies at a Big Gigantic show then I’m going to meet my boyfriend’s extended family at Thanksgiving!

Anyway, I want to challenge you to take a hard look at your life? Are you living it for you? Or (as me and my friend Lindsay discussed today) are you being a “sheeple” just doing what “expected” of you? It’s really nice to know I’m not the only one going through an interesting time in my life reevaluating what I truly want from it. If you would like a lil pep talk you can come to the church of holly & Lindsay and we will give u a lil sermon on non conformity and living the life YOU want. Not what others want or expect.

Just some food for thought.

Kimono time

Clearly if I’m gonna do this I need to pick up better “modeling” skills 😝 .

Y’all I totally recreated this outfit from the stock pic on the website with the kimono I have on here! I usually go to Pinterest for inspiration but I happened to like how they styled it. I was headed to a street festival in town so the heels were just for the pictures! πŸ™ƒ oh and deft same for the hat. Love the hat (similar) but it’s made of wool and is deft meant for fall or winter.

Top (similar)


Choker (similar)

I know I’ve lamented about this on my insta about my editing styles but y’all it really is hard. I want to stand out but I just haven’t honed my skills yet. I truly need something that sets me apart but just haven’t figured out the right concoction of edits to do so. In the meantime I’m also trying to teach myself to use a DSLR camera! Not quite a beginner tool or as easy to use as my iPhone but I’ll get there!

Until next time! πŸ€—

1969 Inspired

Y’all I’m obsessed with these pants. The colorful trend this summer continues with these multicolored flares! I paired them with this loose white camisole. Tried to do a body suit but the pants were a little see through so it showed too much for my comfort! I was going to wear my gold layered choker necklace which would have looked better than the velvet black choker but unfortunately I broke it 😦 BUT I’m okay with how this choker turned out!

My boyfriend hates these yellow glasses (similar) but I thought they really worked well with this retro themed style. I linked a similar pair because apparently target has sold out of them!

And lastly y’all I would have worn my peep toe perforated toms booties but I’ve pinched a nerve or something in my right foot and I just couldn’t wear heels this night! I decided to wear these glitter sandals I bought a couple of summers ago from target. They’re sold out but I’ve linked a similar pair from Nordstrom. I will say my pants dragged a little bit on the ground though. I’m 5’4″ for reference.

Ok! Until next time!

Xo, holly