How to Get Ready for A (Non-Camping) Music Festival

*Heads Up! My post contains affiliate links! If you buy something through one of those links you won’t pay a penny more but I’ll receive a small commission, which helps keep this blog running. 🙂 Thanks! “I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a meansContinue reading “How to Get Ready for A (Non-Camping) Music Festival”

12 Tips to Help with Anxiety

If you’re an actual human being, then you have probably experienced anxiety. It may have been on a small scale or it might have been all consuming. Either way, it’s not fun to experience. I didn’t realize anxiety was what I was experiencing until this past year when I was officially told by the doctor.Continue reading “12 Tips to Help with Anxiety”

Mini Pittsburgh Trip

Over the thanksgiving break I was able to join my boyfriend on a surprise visit to Pittsburgh to see his mom. ^ (Bae & his mom) Listen, he is so sweet. He bought his mom and aunt tickets to a Penguins game. He led them to believe he just bought the two of them ticketsContinue reading “Mini Pittsburgh Trip”