What’s up friends!

I’m Holly! I am a teacher in central Arkansas who also really likes “playing dress up”. I started this blog because I enjoy styling outfits and experimenting with fashion. And I’m going to be honest with you, some of those experiments go horribly awry and I look back on those outfits and think “dang that was sad, what was I thinking?” But that doesn’t stop me from trying.

My actual blog name is a play on my name but also because I want my life to feel like a holiday to me every single day (and I know it won’t but that’s the goal). Who says we have to work Monday through Friday and only live for the weekends? That’s a crying shame. It brings me joy and makes me come alive to inspire your style by sharing my own. I teach by day but I spend my evenings and weekends planning and creating because it something that truly brings me joy.

We should pay attention to the things that make us lose track of time… And do more of that.

Things you’ll see on this blog are every-day fashion, festival fashion, and self help care & tips! I hope you’ll follow along and participate with me!

❤ Holly