Red Rocks

Alright! Already off to a great start to my goal of traveling more this year! I just made the long trek to Denver this past week! Trust me, I would have flown but the airline I wanted to use just didn’t have a flight that worked with my schedule! 😦

Anyway, I love Denver. When we arrived it we literally had about an hour before we had to jump in the uber to head to our bus stop. There’s this service you can use to get to and from red rocks that is much cheaper than Uber’s. It’s literally called Bus to Show. Lol

If you missed my previous post, I made the trip to attend Rowdy Town, which is the two day event put on at red rocks by the DJs Big Gigantic. I’ve seen them two times before and they put on a great show so I was stoked to see what it was like in a venue like Red Rocks! They’re electronic dance music but with a lot more funk mixed in. It’s two guys and one guy plays the saxophone and the other plays the drums along with all the other instrumentals going on. God, I was so here for it this weekend! Ahh if you’ve never listened to any of their music, go! Rn!

Ok the amphitheater is SO breathtakingly beautiful. Definitely needs to be on your bucket list.

The first night was freezing so I’m so glad I had this shaggy knit cardigan to keep me warm! Guys I cannot tell you how many people complimented my cardigan. A lot of people asked if I made it myself. Lord! No. But I certainly stuck out! But that’s fine with me. I live for dressing up at shows! It’s part of the fun for me to see other people’s outfits and give others something cool to look at too!

Underneath my cardigan I basically recycled the same outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago to a show. One tip I will suggest is always pack up a long sleeve in your camelback or backpack. The temperature dropped into the 40s. ALSO, don’t wear heels to red rocks!! You have to walk up so many stairs and you’ll be standing the whole time for the show so, honestly, comfort first.

I saved my best outfit for last! I have been dying to wear these pants since I bought them! They’re so colorful and the glow in the dark!

See below:

The top I wore was actually one I bought for Bonnaroo back in June but I never wore it.

And of course you cannot go to a show without your trusty pashmina. I bought mine at a festival back in April but you can get them on amazon for around $20! Highly recommend!

Although the weather warmed up from the night before I learned my lesson and I packed a long sleeve and took my sweater just in case! The winds started blowing like crazy during the 3lau set before Big G’s and I was so glad I had more clothes! It got chilly.

Ok, the show they put on night two was MIND BLOWING. They really know how to throw a party. Also…I didn’t know much about 3lau and I was thoroughly impressed with his set as well. THE. BEST. VISUALS. Seriously. They were like, so silky? Lol. I know I’m now going to be interested if I see him on a line up in the future.

This is me and my group! RowdyCrew2018.

All the items I’m wearing or similar are linked throughout my post!

Til next time! 💋🎷

Xo holly

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