{jump}suit for joy

Lately I’ve been looking for ways to bring more joy to my life. Like for example, I have a lil bit of a commute to work. I now take that time to listen to podcasts and audio books to learn new things when before I would just listen to npr. And while I like hearing the news, I just needed a news detox. The world can be so negative.

I also used to spend a lot of time on social media just looking at things and wasting my time. But this summer I decided to be more of a participant and started this blog and made an insta that was public so I could start interacting with people who enjoy clothes as much as I do.

Lastly, I stopped taking myself so seriously at work. Like, our job as teachers can be tough at times but I’m making it a point to really find the joy in everyday and focus more on connecting with the students than being so entrenched in data. Like seriously, these are little humans we’re dealing with. Not scores on assessments! I really get so much enjoyment watching them grow in character as much as academics.

Ok now about this outfit. I cannot tell you how comfortable this jumpsuit is. The outside is velvet. And it’s stretchy, too! I really took a chance on this because I NEVER wear yellow. But, it’s time to branch out.

Ok for some reason this outfit made me want to do this pose. Maybe to show you how stretchy it is?! Haha. 🙃 I feel like this would look cute with flats as well but for the pics these heels won out.

I hope you can start finding joy in the everyday grind of your life, too.


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