I’m a fan of mesh now

Hope you all had a fantastic Labor Day weekend 🙂 Mine was supposed to be spent at a music festival but it got canceled 4 days before it was supposed to happen! Womp womp. Anyway, that’s a whole different story.

One of the DJs who was supposed to play the fest was picked up by a local venue so my friends, who still decided to make the trip into town from Dallas, and I were still able to go out and listen to some good music. The previous weekend I had spent some time planning my festival outfits so I still got to wear one I had planned which is pictured below.

When you go to see a show you probably want to be able to dance comfortably and this was perfect for that. I wore my Victoria Secret (workout) leggings which even have little pockets (!) and mesh panels details along the back making them not too hot. I couldn’t find my exact pair because I bought them a long time ago but these are next on my radar. They’re also the perfect amount of high waist to look great with just a sports bra or in my case, my tied up mesh T!

Speaking of the mesh T…I went to forever 21 last Saturday in hopes of finding like a mesh T shirt dress but no luck so I tried H&M and happen to come across this metallic blue mesh top that sort of fit the vision I was going for. When I went to check out the thing was on sale and it had a small pull in it so I even got 10% more off brining it to a whopping 4$! So I was pretty pleased with my find. I wore it over an old VS sports bra (similar) that has previously been my go to bra for a few other fests I’ve attended.

Lastly, I had looked for a pair of platforms because my friends are getting me on that train now but again, I couldn’t commit lol so I went with my black converse for the night.

Ok last but not least, I got to actually meet the headlining DJ for the night, 12th planet! And y’all I actually got this solo pic with him because I didn’t realize my group of friends started walking off after our first pic and I just stayed thinking we were taking another. Lol. 😬

Haha alright! Links are embedded in my post if you would like to recreate this outfit! 💕


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