BonnarooOoOo! 2018

Warning: Long Post!

I started going to Bonnaroo in 2017 and it was life changing~! One of my favorite parts was getting to plan my outfits. After being so inspired by all the creative ensembles I saw in 2017 I planned my outfits for 2018. I went for fashionable and functional when I planned these out.

Day 1:

Lil thing you need to know about ‘roo, it can get hot as h*ll. Especially if you push up in the crowds. Which is why I essentially wore a swimsuit each day. These bottoms are actually a swimsuit (same brand but similar). The top though is a bandeau bra. Also, had to add a lil jewelry with a star choker (similar)! FYI it does get cold at night though if you’re out of the crowds so little tip: always bring a long sleeve tshirt! I did and it saved me!

Day 2:

If you know anything about me you know I love sparkle and glitter everything. This bodysuit is so me. God I’m so cliche. Anyway it’s stretchy and comfortable and I cannot tell you how many compliments I got that night!

Day 3:

Ok so a lot of people wear costumes to these festivals and Saturday I decided to be “Bonnaroo Barbie” LOL. Originally this swimsuit (similar) was never going to see the light of day but one of my friends talked me into wearing it and I’m so glad I did! Also got lots of compliments on it and lots of “Can I be your Ken?” Said to me. 🤦🏼‍♀️ but what really paid off about this suit is that it’s what got me on stage with KASKADE! If you’re into edm, you’ll know he’s a pretty well known DJ and that experience was SO MUCH FUN! I was picked out of the crowd and asked if I wanted to come up to the DJ booth on Kalliope! UH DUH! And I know it was the Barbie suit that made me stand out!

Day 4:

Ok day four I literally was barely walking, so I don’t get many pictures of my outfit! If you look close in the second picture you can see that I had to get my left ankle wrapped! It started to go out on me like 1 hour after walking into centeroo and my boyfriend literally had to carry me across the main stage field to the medical tent. ANYWAY, I wore another version of my day 1 outfit. High waist swim bottoms from a year ago, a black bandeau and a black choker. Lastly, my black new balance tennis shoes because hello you’re on your feet so much at roo that sensible shoes are a complete must!

Happy HIGH FIVE FRIDAY fellow bonnaroovians!



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