It’s cas (cah-szh)

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Ok it’s gonna look weird that I’m posting a lot on one day but honestly it’s because I just figured out how to (kind of) get this blog up and going and made it look kind of how I wanted finally.

That being said, I think I now prefer to wear pants more than like shorts ? Idk my style preferences change over time. So this brings me to an outfit I wore for a party at my boyfriends parents house. See? I blended right in with their decor. Lol their house is so beautiful I might add! Hence why I had to sneak a few pics in while there! Ok I think I’m obsessed with this color green that I got my tank top in. It’s really versatile. I have a vest this color that I wear with black to work a lot. This tank was sooo soft and comfortable too. I purchased this at an express outlet but here is a very similar one.  I very rarely wear white pants but I dug these out of the back of my closet to see what they would look like and listen, I had to stretch them out a little bit (ok a lot) but they finally worked!

Yall have worn the sh*t out of these perforated peep toe booties (similar). They go with everything and by god they are SO COMFY. That being said I am almost starting to wear them out! Yay! Got my moneys worth 🙌🏼

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Looking for a creative fashion outlet, hollydayeveryday was born. Sharing my outfits and style is so fun for me that I finally had to put it out there someway, somehow.

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