The Journey Begins (with flares)



Okay, I was going to change this pre-filled blog title but idk? It seemed actually fitting. It’s my second foray into blogging (started one in 2013, RIP) and I mean, I still don’t really know what I’m doing. BUT I’ve been wanting to showcase my outfits and occasionally talk more about my travels/lifestyle than in an Instagram caption, so the journey about to actually begin! MAYBE I’ll do a better job keeping up with it this time!

So! With that being said! I want to do my first post starting with my most recent *taco tuesday* outfit! I used to be really turned off by Forever21 a couple of years ago because I just felt like their clothes weren’t good enough quality anymore. But! I’m glad I decided to give them another chance because this whole outfit is from there and I couldn’t love it anymore. Let me just say, if you hold more of your weight in the bottom half of your body, then high-waisted flares are your friend! I originally bought these Chevron Open-Knit Flare Pants for my Bonnaroo trip but never took them out of my suitcase because HELLO it was just too dang hot to wear pants this year. Even if they have nude lined shorts in them and the rest of the leg is see through (sheer?) idk. ANYWAY, I paired them with a white bodysuit (similar), which is a closet staple because I wear this with so. many. things! I had a crop top on with them but I was going to a country club for dinner and wasn’t sure if their dress code allowed it! lol…. Lastly, you can’t see them 😦 (boo on my photographer) but I’m wearing my TOMS perforated peeptoe bootie (Similar) in tan!

Ok! That’s enough for today! Until next time (:

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